5000 Board Medical Questions

Mcqe questions have been collected from a wide variety of sources, they are abbreviated, and they include clinical diagnosis, disease pathogenesis, differential diagnosis, clinical management, internal medicine, surgery, epidemiology, public health, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and psychiatry. The questions are mostly clinical medicine. Pure biochemistry, physiology, and pharmacology questions are not included. The program does not include graphics. Each edition of the program contain a different number of questions. The number of questions varies, not necessarily increases with the advance of editions. We limit our questions to useful 2 lines and 4 answers because, contrary to what some believe, the intent of this question bank program is to give a general review and not to teach the users how the questions are formatted. Some of the actual USMLE questions may occupy the entire page and have 4 or 5 answers and some even more than 10 answers.