Biomedical Engineering Handbook


This is a one-of-a-kind handbook for those who desire to have up-to-date knowledge about biomedical engineering interlaced with excellent engineering and analysis details, It teaches quickly and to the point. I am pleased to have it in my library. - Assistive Technology, Volume 8, No. 1 The list of section editors and the advisory board for this text reads like a who's who in biomedical engineering…Each section, each chapter, each illustration beckons me further inward until I become totally immersed within the detail and hopelessly enthralled with the potential of it all…A masterpiece addition to any collection. - Biomaterials Forum This text is needed in your Science Library. Another copy is needed in your departmental office for use by the Chairman. Anyone planning or considering a new course should buy and use this text…Consultants, Clinical Engineers, and other related professionals…should also have a copy… - IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, March/April 1996 PWinner of the Association of American Publishers Best New Professional/Scholarly Publication - Engineering Book Description Called the "Bible of biomedical engineering," the new edition of this bestselling handbook continues to define the field of biomedical engineering and provide a comprehensive overview of the specific fields of activity it encompasses. This edition represents a major revision that incorporates the technological changes emerging since publication of the first edition in 1995 and reflects the growth and innovations in this dynamic discipline. It includes important new sections, such as Biomimetrics and Ethical Issues Associated with Medical Technology, a new chapter on virtual instrumentation, and complete revisions of more than half of the remaining chapters.

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