Understanding Biotechnology

Understanding Biotechnology
Aluízio Borém, Fabrício R. Santos, David E. Bowen
Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date : January 17, 2003
ISBN : 0-13-101011-5
Pages : 240
An objective, thorough, and accessible introduction to biotechnology. Biotechnology will have an increasingly profound impact on human health, agriculture, the environment, and society itself. Understanding Biotechnology offers an introduction to biotechnology that is balanced, accurate, current, thorough, and accessible to both non-specialists and professionals. The authors begin with a brief history of biotechnology and an introduction to the underlying principles of genetic engineering. Next, they review every key area of biotechnology research, thoroughly addressing both technical practice and implications—including biosafety and ethical issues. Understanding Biotechnology presents careful and complete introductions to cloning, gene therapy, pharmacogenomics, molecular markers, forensic DNA, bioremediation, and biodiversity, as well as a full chapter on the risks of bioterrorism. It also includes an extensive glossary and detailed references for further study.

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