Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.

# PDF: 384 pages

# Publisher: McGraw-Hill

# Language: English

# ISBN-10: 0879837888

# ISBN-13: 978-0879837884

Book Description:

At least one-third of Americans use alternative medicines to heal and maintain health--75% of those consumers are women. Today, women are demanding their doctors have a willingness to explore and combine complementary and conventional medical practices in their approach to female health. The result is a bridge between the two schools of thought commonly known as integrated medicine which requires women to become proactive in their role as patient and provides a safe, effective approach to maintaining and healing their bodies.Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine covers in depth the whole range of women's health concerns including menstrual difficulties, menopause, endometriosis, osteoporosis and others and explains how integrated medicine can be used to treat these conditions.Book Info:National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, OR. Discusses how to use an integrative medical plan combining conventional and naturopathic health care to maintain and heal the body. For consumers. Softcover.Password: tinku

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